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Providing natural medicine alternatives to Eastern Washington, Naturopathic Med provides individualized care that works. Specializing in hormone imbalances, fatigue, and GI problems. 

Ketogenic Diet : Get the power of ketones

To experience the benefits of ketones , these are the products I recommend:

Naturopathic Med now stocks supplemental ketones!  Contact us to learn more... and stop by the office to try a sample. 

There new products coming out all the time, our favorites include: 

Kiss My Keto Products, click here: 

Keto-Nootropic by Designs For Health is an excellent physician strength formulation with essential mineral salts of BHB with American Ginseng. 

Get professional line therapeutic products like Keto-Nootropic here:


Here is a nice chart of health bars from Designs for Health. You can get these through Wellevate using the link above.

Keto OS and other products by Pruvit are NOT recommended! There are many other options such as those listed above that are superior. The cost of the products are in my opinion over-inflated, meaning the average individual is over-paying for exogenous ketones and MCT related products. They are a multilevel company. In addition, their web site is unnecessarily difficult to navigate and detailed product descriptions are lacking.

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