Naturopathic Med

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Providing natural medicine alternatives to Eastern Washington, Naturopathic Med provides individualized care that works. Specializing in hormone imbalances, fatigue, and GI problems. 

Be Einstein for a Day

Did you know there are plants that can make you smarter? Mounting evidence supports the traditional use of Ginkgo for improved cognition. It’s especially good for memory recall, those days when you need to perform at your best.

For long term memory and acquiring information into the noggin, think of Bacopa. This is what to use throughout the quarter for you students out there, or those who just want to start remembering for a change. Then the day of the exam, increase the Ginkgo. Both herbs are an important part of an Alzheimer’s prevention program.

It’s imperative not to just buy anything off the internet or store shelf when it comes to herbal medicine. Quality issues abound and you get what you pay for. And sometimes you get what you don’t . Many low cost herbal supplements have been found to be ineffective or adulterated. Heavy metal contamination has even been found in some popular brands. In my practice I only use verified high quality herbal extracts. If your supplements don't seem to be doing anything, I recommend a consult with a practitioner who uses high grade natural medicine.

I now offer long-distance consults. If you’d like to consult with a naturopathic doctor but can’t find one in your town, make a phone appointment and start getting some health answers.

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