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Tips & Tricks

I've been wanting to mention a few suggestions for those of you on the 21 day detox (or cleanse, or purification).

I've found it's better to add your supplements and powders to your smoothie after you've blended it smooth. So start with all your raw ingredients and blend well until smooth then add SP Complete and Whey protein or vegan protein, blending just enough to mix in. Otherwise, the protein powders tend to thicken up. A high speed blender will literally denature the protein.

If you find the smoothies aren't as sweet as you prefer, add stevia and/or inositol powder. The trick with stevia is not to add too much. 1/8 tsp is the max you would ever add to an 8 oz smoothie. I like to add a little inositol powder with a little stevia. Also, adding "sweet" spices such as cinnamon can enhance an otherwise bland or "veggie-ish" smoothie. By the way, cinnamon can help your blood sugar stability.

Watch the rice intake. I probably don't need to say this again, but too much grains can slow down weight loss. For those struggling on the other end of the spectrum, a little more brown or wild rice and especially lentils can help prevent too much weight loss if you're already at an appropriate weight, or under weight. Of course there's yams to. Remember adequate protein is essential for everyone. Most people will need to use a protein powder, especially after day 10.

Get some physical activity, even if it's just brisk walking. And don't forget the stretching.

Diversify your food selections, especially as you arrive at week 3. Prepare yourself for an appropriate ending to your three weeks of unencumbered eating. Prepare to slowly challenge foods back into your diet and develop the habit of rotating your diet.

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