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Don't Eat Organic...

Over the years I've been increasingly annoyed at Whole Foods Markets. First, there is the one nearest where I live in Los Gatos CA. It is so small you can only fit about one cart at a time down the aisle. And then there is the friendliness (lack thereof) of the average patron. Well, it's Los Gatos, what did I expect? Don't get me wrong; I've long loved Whole Foods, doing what no other health food store could, take health foods prime time. But then there was the new store they built in Bellevue WA some years back. This was a model 'mega-store' with aisles so wide you could fit 10 carts side by side. You almost need a motorized golf caddy just to get from the produce section to the diary aisle, three city blocks away (or so it feels). Then there was the frequent over charges from what was marked on the shelf; of course most of the time I didn't notice until I got home (who would with a bill that large). Some ad wizard there also had the bright idea to set some of the bulk whole grains out in wide open bins, not only for everyone to sneeze on, but to also hasten the oxidation of brown rice... can you say, "rancid?" I knew you could.

But what is really bugging me? It's not just a Whole Foods dilemma, though I think they've played a big part in Organic going mainstream. There is nothing wrong with Organic standards particularly, in fact I've been an advocate for it and eaten Organic when I can, but WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH ALL THE "ORGANIC" JUNK FOOD? I mean does it really matter? At the point you are eating Newman's Own Oreo-like cookies there is likely very little advantage to eating Organic. Yes, perhaps there are fewer chemicals, contaminates, preservatives, and slightly less harm to the environment, but is there any measurable health benefit to the consumer? If I'm going to have a processed, packaged cookie, all things being equal I'd pick the Organic, but I've noticed an ever increasing number of junk-foods labeled Organic crowding the once "holistic" shelves of Whole Foods and other like grocers. I think that Whole Foods may soon have to change their name or be charged with false advertising. How about, "Whole Foods hidden amongst oodles of unhealthy processed foods masquerading as quasi-health foods Market?"

I guest that's too cumbersome for the signage. I wouldn't care so much if it weren't for my little WF down the street that often doesn't carry or is frequently out of the actual "whole foods" I like to cook with, yet every end-cap is a masterpiece of some stockers snack food fantasy. So my advice... don't confuse the term "Organic" with "Healthy," in fact choose foods as close as you can to nature. Go to the local farmer's markets (just avoid the Kettle-Korn; you don't want to know the chemical concoction you're ingesting), find local grass-fed, free-ranged animal products, make a meal plan, try new recipes now and then, they are all over the internet, make a shopping list, stick to the list, ignore the beautiful "Organic" glazed old-fashion donut looking at you through the glass at the latte counter. In short, flee thee away from the abomination of white flour and white sugar (by the way, is Organic high-fructose corn syrup an oxymoron?). See you in the produce and bulk section.

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