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Providing natural medicine alternatives to Eastern Washington, Naturopathic Med provides individualized care that works. Specializing in hormone imbalances, fatigue, and GI problems. 

Don't Forget about Fiber

Eat fiber-rich foods and you don’t have to worry about it. Many natural foods contain sugar along with fiber, absolutely essential for good health. Fiber slows down sugar absorption, easing the burden on the pancreas and the toxic effects of high blood sugar. In addition, fiber carries toxins, excess hormones and cholesterol out the body and helps support healthy bacteria in the gut. I often recommend super fiber foods like stabilized rice bran, ground flax and chia seeds. More aggressive types of fiber can help where additional support is needed.

What about starch or complex carbs? There can be adverse consequences of eating too much of these as well, especially white flour. Further, many of us are actually carbohydrate “intolerant,” especially from grains, and may benefit from a higher protein and fat diet. It can make a huge difference to figure out if you have food sensitivities and what the unique balance of carbs, protein, and fat should be in your diet. Getting all this sorted out is the most basic and perhaps most important aspect of achieving good health. Contact Dr. Graves to get started on finding out what unique factors are most important to your health.

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