Naturopathic Med

the natural solution

Providing natural medicine alternatives to Eastern Washington, Naturopathic Med provides individualized care that works. Specializing in hormone imbalances, fatigue, and GI problems. 

Restoring Hormone Balance and Renewing your Vitality

Did you know there are powerful forces within you to keep you energized, youthful, and healthy?

While powerful, these forces can be easily disrupted.

These forces influence every cell in your body, from skin to bones.

An imbalance can cause low energy, low libido, poor immunity, weak bones, sleep problems, and even increased cancer risk.

Invite some friends and come to a free talk on how you can restore your hormone balance and reclaim your vitality.

Tuesday November 16, 2010 @ 6:00pm

2607 S. Southeast Blvd. Suite B-111

Please call to sign up; seating is limited!


Presented by Dr. Graves, along with Empire Digital Imaging

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