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Day 5

This is the first time I've taken the detox diet on the road. I took the family for a short get-away to visit some friends. We are accustomed to taking our own food when we travel, so it wasn't too difficult. This time we just had to bring the blender. I packed each days supplements for the shakes into a couple of zip lock bags. I made our usual smoothies with apple or pear, frozen berries, a little banana, carrot, and even kale, the supplements and blended well. We brought some left overs and made one new meal of vegetable soup. An after dinner snack has been some cut up fruit with protein powder and coconut.

Then after getting back tonight, we were craving sushi so we had to make it. Cut veggies, avocado, homemade mayo, sweet brown rice, nori sheets, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and of course wasabi. I even put cooked yam in a roll.

Below is the email I received for day 5 support.

Welcome to Day 5 of the Purification Program.

Just a friendly reminder: corn is not a vegetable, it is a grain and there are no grains allowed on this program (with the exception of brown rice if allowed by Dr. Graves).

Also, remember that although something may be healthy (such as beans and nuts), it may not be allowed during the purification program due to other factors (such as potential food allergens). So, with this in mind, remember: no beans or nuts of any kind.

How Should I Feel Today?

You should be feeling more energetic today and the cravings should continue decreasing. Many have expressed that they have not only learned to 'tolerate' the shakes, but have even come to enjoy them. Yes, yes, it's true!

We mentioned yesterday that your sleep should be improving. You should find that you are able to fall asleep easier, enjoy more restful sleep, and are able to sleep through the night more often. The good news is that this should continue throughout the purification program and beyond (as long as you maintain some of your newly forming good habits).

Weight Loss

If you haven't started exercising yet during this program, now is an excellent time to use some of your returning energy and start. Remember, exercise is an essential part of losing weight during this program.


Don't wait to get hungry. Waiting increases cravings, lowers your blood sugar level and can lead to fatigue. Try to have your SP Complete Shake with your Whey Protein first thing in the morning and keep some approved snack foods around to munch on to keep your blood sugar and energy levels up.

Recipe of the Day




2 Organic Avocados- peeled and mashed


1 clove minced garlic


1 tablespoon finely chopped onion


½ chopped tomato (use less if diabetic)




1 tablespoon lemon juice



Mix all together thoroughly and put avocado seed back into bowl to prevent turning brown.

Tip: although you can't have tortilla chips (always a favorite with this dip) you can enjoy a nice crudité with your guacamole by slicing up some raw vegetables (or using them whole if you prefer). Whole cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots and celery are always favorites.

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