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I recently watched the documentary, "King Corn." This is a film profiling an unfortunate turn in America, "we are being super-sized by corn." Bad government farm policy, coupled with the growth of big agri-business has led to a food situation that is so out of balance from the created natural order of things, it's no wonder our population is becoming so ill.

Thankfully there are some who are realizing what's going on. You can now find a "local movement" in many communities where individuals are seeking and finding local farmers and foods. Inevitably there is a mental and economic hurdle to overcome: nutritious and ethical (not ethnic) food may cost more. This is not always the case; especially if you factor in the lifetime cost of medical bills and how productive and fulfilling your life will or won't be.

The elephant in the room has been "what you eat." Lots of prepared foods are carefully crafted and marketed to make you eat more. Lots of these foods really aren't food at all. Sugar or chemically sweetened beverages are the worst offenders. But we all know that, right? We just choose to ignore it. The sad part here is that our tax dollars are going to subsidize the most unhealthy junk food, namely high fructose corn syrup and the legion of foods with it in it, as well as all the cheap meat and poultry; yes it's all "corn fed."

So we are simply following the evolution of the mono-cropped monocot that is corn today. And I haven't even brought up all the non-ecofriendly, toxic farming practices.

Take the "just so 'NO' challenge." Return to the American virtue of self-sufficiency and start learning to cook with real foods. Kick your grain and sugar addiction. The best way I know how is to educate yourself, plan ahead, build your-esteem and confidence, complete the 21 Day Purification. Do what ever works for you, but please stop feeding your children so much sugar! And Gummy vitamins!

Contact your government representatives and demand they stop subsidizing death and disease!

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